combination of driving and a few short walks and brief stops at places of interest  
recommended duration 5 hours
minimum duration 3 hours
  A sightseeing tour by comfortable space van combined with a couple of short walks.
Gives you a very good overview of the „Golden City“. You will gain understanding of the citys geographical layout and location of the most important historical and commercial landmarks.
  We shall take you to the New Town center with the famous Wenceslas square, view the Vyšehrad Castle area, follow the right bank of the Vltava river with breathtaking views of the Prague Castle, pass the „Dancing House“, turn to the National street, with the Velvet revolution memorial  
  We then cross the Vltava river, you can admire the Charles Bridge upstream, drive through the Lesser Town area with the Lesser Town Square and the St.Nicolaus barouque church, then uphill to the Prague Castle Complex.  
  We continue to the Pohořelec square, Strahov Monastery, Prague Loretto square and around the Břevnov Monastery back to the city center. We drive through the Letna plain and then down to the areas of Old Town and the Jewish Town.  
  walking and partialy using public transport system, visiting major objects of interest  
recommended duration 5 hours
minimum duration 3 hours
  This tour is dedicated to the complex known as Prague Castle including other major spots in the Hradčany area – Pohořelec Square, Old Strahov Monastery, The Prague Loretto, etc.  
  After exploring the western area of Hradčany we continue to the area to the Castle.
The Prague Castle complex includes St. Vitus Cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture, the Old Royal Palace, St.George Basilica, Golden Lane and the Prague Castle gardens with beautiful views of the city.
  From the astle we walk down to the Lesser Town area with its square and St. Nicholaus baroque church and continue towards the Charles Bridge. By crossing the bridge and enjoying the lovely views of both banks of the Vltava river we conclude the tour.  
recommended duration 5 hours
minimum duration 3 hours
  This tour is dedicated to the „living history“in the very heart of the historical and commercial Prague.  
  It includes the very center of the Old Town – todays Old Town Square with the statue of John Hus, our reformer, Church of Our Lady of Tyn, the gothic house at the Stone Bell and many other interesting buildings, especially the Old Town Hall with the famous Astronomical Clock. We then continue walking through Ungelt Yard to the Municipal House and the Powder Tower. On the way we also pass the area of „Karolinum“ the seat of the Charles University and the Theater of Estates, where Mozart performend his „Don Giovanni“.  
  The commercial heart of the New Town is the Wenceslas quare, with the equestrian statue of our patron saint St. Wenceslas and the dominant neorenaissance building of the National Museum.  
  We walk down the square and take you through some hiddent places as we go.  
recommended duration 5 hours
minimum duration 3 hours
  The tour of the Jewish Town can be done:  
- as part of the Old Town tour in a brief overview style taking about 1 to 1,5 hours or
- as a separate tour taking 3 – 5 hours visiting objects of the Jewish Museum
  On the separate tour we visit the Old New Synagouge,which is the oldest synagogue with services still held there today going back to the second half of the 13th century, the unique Old Jewish Cemetery with the Ceremonial Hall of the Prague Burial Society and the four synagogues that are part of the Jewish Museum today.  
  (The entrance fees are cost of the client)  
duration 2 hours
  Join us and become a Praguer, taking-in the town from lovely paths of the Petřín Hill, you will enjoy unusual views of the city and we shall show you some hidden spots and also the more well-know ones, such as the „Petřínská rozhledna“ - the miniature Eiffel tower, gothic mirror-maze and some more surprises.  
duration 2 to 6 hours
  Flexible combination of three interesting sights closely located from one another in the area of Prague known as Troja.
Troja Chateau is a lovely barouque italian country style villa, with some interesting statues at the main entrance from the garden site, nice garden, in the interiors frescoes and different temporary exhibitions.
The Prague ZOO definitely has great venue on the right bank of the Vltava river and is definitely worth the time especially when traveling with children. Nice refreshing tour slightly out of city proper.
If you like flowers and plants then do not miss our Botanical Garden.
  Lovely retreat from the busy city streets, nice place to take it easy and relax.  
  You will be surprised what one can discover in Prague: deep gorges, valleys, meadows, forest paths - great place for walks, climbs and perhaps for a swim – if the wheater permits so.  
  „The craddle of the Czech culture“ this is the local nick-name for this very special building, that for the Czechs is undoubtedly a symbol of the Czech National Revival. You can see the room with corner stones brought from different places of special importance e.i. Vyšehrad.
The decoration of the interiors is a marvelous example of the work of best Czech artists.
It is a wonderful story of „how and why“ the theatre was build.
  Amazing collection of books in the impressive halls of the Strahov Monastery.
Beautifuly carved and gold plated wooden shelfs, frescoes on the ceilings and more.
Learn about the Premonstrnerians who founded this Monastery in the 12th. century.
  The exhibits are more of a natural history character, but the venue is special and worth a brief visit, usualy as part of other tour – visit itself with explanation takes about 30 minutes.
If you have special interests, then entering the exhibition is a possibility.
  The collection of artwork of the Czech National Gallery is not concentrated in one venue, but scattered in different „palaces“ in town. Depending on your interest in art of different time periods and styles, your guide can give you more information.  
  These tours give you an option to see the exteriors of the historical parts of town in the evening hours, with less people around, lower temperatures in summer time and also perhaps in more romantic atmosphere.
Walk through Prague Castle Complex.
Walk through the Old Town area and Charles Bridge.
Romantic walk through the Lesser Town.
  Rather different and unique way of seeing this charming city, can be done during the day, but also as an evening boat cruise, combined perhaps with some live- jazz music and a meal.
The boat trip offers lovely views of the most important sights on both banks of the Vltava river and is a great experience.
  Ask yor guide for more details.